1. Opportunity to visit your club’s stadium and watch live match.
2. Tours within Nigeria will be organised for members to meet with others fans.
3. Members will have at their disposal their club’s sourvenirs
4. Employment opportunities for members
5. Opportunity to Head your club in your state or local governmnent.
6. Opportunity to adviser their product and service on our site.
7. Birthday celebraion for members
8. Enjoy dicscouted rate designated partner hotels, malls, event centre etc.
9. Customised membership card.
10. Opportunity to take part in raffle draws.

State Cordinators
1. Must be a registered fan of any of the clubs
2. Must be a diamond member
3. Must be of good character
4. Must purchase a non- refundable form for the office

NB. Your Application will be subjected to interview whivh when success give you the appointment letter

Duties of Cordinators
1. Cordinate all the activities of their respective clubs in their state.
2. Head delegates on national or international conference
3. They are tasked with the responsibilities of managing generated resources/funds and remitting same to the organisation.