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SSC Napoli (in full Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli), known commonly as just Napoli, are Italian football giants and without doubt the most successful football club to originate from Southern Italy. Napoli have a long and rich history, which starts way back in 1904 to the 80’s and 90’s when it played host to one of the most brilliant footballers ever, Diego Maradona.

SSC Napoli was formed in early 1900s following the arrival of English sailors notably William Poths. Poths had come from England where the game had really caught up, and he teamed up with Ernesto Bruschini, a Neapolitan, to form Napoli.

At the time of formation, the team colors were chosen to be dark and pale blue stripes. Engineer Amedeo Salsi was the club’s first ever president, and he was assisted by William Poths and Bayon as well as Catterina and Conforti, two amateur footballers.

You can’t talk of Napoli history without mentioning William Poths. He deserves a special mention. Poths was employed by Cunard Shipping Line at the time he helped form Napoli. He had just emigrated from England in 1903 and he came with his deep passion for football.

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