The disappointment of 12,000 OGC Nice supporters massed in the Place Masséna fan zone in pictures

The disappointment of 12,000 OGC Nice supporters massed in the Place Masséna fan zone in pictures

May 8, 2022 | OGC Nice | 0 comments

The last seconds tick away. Place Massena regains a little color, a little fervor. Last burst before the ultimate disappointment. A smoke bomb flies in the direction of this giant screen which displays the defeat of the Gym on 84 square meters. A few detonations are already ringing out in the streets bordering Place Masséna. The Fan Zone is emptying at the speed of light. 12,000 people fleeing the Nice terrain of this French Cup final. Without cries, without delirium. With this impression of wanting to create a distortion of space-time. To reverse the course of things. To reset the timer and replay the match.
First there was the wait. Those long hours that passed before those tragic last seconds. This feeling that this day would not be like the others as the streets were colored in red and black. Who sporting his jersey, who his scarf. It was first the OGCNice shop that was stormed. She hasn’t been empty all day. « We saw everything, families, a lot of tourists too », says the manager ready to play extra time. In the ranks of supporters there are not only people from Nice. Colette and her two daughters, Fabienne and Paulette, have just arrived from Holland. « For three days of vacation. We didn’t know there was this match, it’s a very nice surprise », they explain in English on the checkerboard of Place Masséna. They couldn’t miss it.

Christian, Thomas and Nolwen either. They are from Nice. But live in the Var. They decided to go back and forth for the evening. « For the atmosphere of course! » The atmosphere? It’s Mikele, Fabian, Paula and the others who take care of it as the crowd swells at the entrance of the Fan Zone. Megaphones slung over their shoulders, they are the capos of this stadium in the heart of Nice. They harangue this motley crowd waiting for the doors to open. Here a band of high school students came as a group. Families there. Lots of kids hitting the ball. All united around the same fervor.

When the party goes silent

This is the second part of this tragedy in three acts. That of joy, songs, celebration. At the microphone, Constantin Djivas, the Gym’s official commentator, takes over from Mikele and his friends. « An honor ». It is the turn of the counter of the entrance gates to panic. They are already thousands massed on the Massena square at kick-off and the crowd continues to flock throughout the first half. The people of Nice united behind their team which pushes with each action of the Aiglons, holds its breath each time the Nantais approach too close to the cages of Marcin Bulka.

Until this deus ex machina comes into play. When no one expected it, from the first seconds of the second period. An unfortunate hand from Boudaoui. penalty. Goal. The twist of fate leaves the 12,000 supporters of the Fan Zone speechless. A leaden screed fell on Place Massena. We had to replay the match, the outcome remains the same. But the adventure will have been beautiful.



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