Liverpool Fans Club In Nigeria: How to Join and Connect with LFC Supporters Worldwide

In the past 4 years or so, Liverpool FC supporters has grown exponentially in Africa. And many football analysts have attributed this growth to some incredible performances of Mohammed Salah of Egypt and Sadio Mane of Senegal, both African stars shining in the colors of LFC, has delighted the whole world and won many fans in Africa.

Liverpool won the UEFA Champions League in 2019, after playing in the finals at the previous year in 2018. Showcasing good football and churning out incredible results.

The highpoint being the second leg trampling of FC Barcelona in the Champions League quarter finals, after a first leg loss 0 – 3, the Kopites came back and overran Barcelona in Anfield. And the polo Mo Salah wore that night with an Inspiration: “Never Give Up” became so popular across Nigeria.

Liverpool fans often refer to themselves as Kopites with a pass phrase “You’ll Never Walk Alone” are gaining a lot of new fans here in Nigeria. Many of whom were former fans of Manchester United are now seeking how to be an official member of LFC supporters worldwide and also connect to the fans club here in Nigeria.

1. How to Connect with Liverpool Fans Here in Nigeria?

Liverpool supporters are growing by the day, with a fan club that looks more like one made for “Exclusive class” of some mature fans with extraordinary loyalty to the club. Many analysts have predicted that Liverpool supporters in Nigeria will become massive in the next few years.

Liverpool Supporters club in Nigeria have their office at No1 Ogunlana drive, Asukoro area Abuja, but you can connect with them by just clicking “like” on their Facebook page. Actually, there are two Facebook pages, you may decide to “like” both pages.

a. Liverpool Nigerian fans Facebook page: 3653 likes

Click here to open the page then like

b. Liverpool Nigeria Supporters club Facebook page: 2802 likes

Click here to open the page, then click Like

2. How you can become an official Member of LFC Fans Worldwide?

Liverpool is a way of life. With such a strong cultural norms that bind supporters together and ensure their loyalty. For instance, Liverpool fans always boo the national anthem. Booing the national anthem has been going on for a long time in Liverpool, but even before the boos started many Liverpool fans sang ‘God Save Our Team’ rather than pay tribute to the monach or any country’s national anthem.

Liverpool encourages fans to join its membership scheme to be in with a chance of getting tickets to home matches. The club says a minimum of 10,000 tickets for every home game go to members. Membership costs £35.99 for UK-based fans, £39.99 for those based in Europe and £43.00 for the rest of the world.

But you can register your application for free. Click here for Free registration:

3. What Do you get as a Registered member of LFC Fan Club Worldwide?

Full Members receive a welcome pack, which includes an exclusive scarf, complete kits with your name inscribed on the shirt and a limited-edition collectable pin badge.

Additionally, Full Members get 10% discount in store and online, as well as exclusive enhanced seasonal discounts and offers for Members on the online store.


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