Our Story

WORLD WIDE SOCCER FANS is established to unite soccer fans, harness their individual talents and reward their passion.

We are an inclusive, independent, democratic organization working with supporters, governing bodies, leagues and clubs from all over the world to drive positive change in football through supporter’s engagement at every level of the game.

We nurture and develop supporter’s networks at local, national and international levels, working with supporters’ trusts, clubs and individuals to initiate and support campaigns on issues of concern to football supporters, encouraging good governance, supporter representation on club boards, community-ownership and sustainable stewardship of football clubs.

A commitment to diversify all of the activities of soccer fans world over. We oppose all forms of discrimination or violence in relation to football globally.

In Worldwide Soccer Fans, we believe that we have a friendly, accessible and inclusive club with no discrimination in races, tribes, religion, gender nor class. Having looked at the various options in our set objectives and considered the various pros and cons, we decided to set up a platform to strengthen relationships with both our existing and potential fan base.

This platform would be operated in line with our friendly, accessible and inclusive values and would aim to communicate in a way that’ll reinforce positive perceptions of our organization. We will bring general news about world soccer to our member fans consisting of messages from players and coaches, FIFA, CONTINENTAL FOOTBALL GOVERNING BODIES and TOP LEAGUES. More so, organizing WORLD TOURS to designated league matches, finals and commemorations.

Football is widely regarded as the most popular sport in the world. And it would be nothing without its fans. “If you have got the best fans in the world, you have one of the greatest assets you can ever own. Football fans are the most dedicated, crazy-heads and lovers of the game that the sporting world has witnessed.

Here in World wide Soccer Fans, we are set to reward the passion of football fans who are officially registered with us. The fan’s rights is our organization’s promise to our supporters as they enjoy the organization’s values of accessibility, inclusiveness and warmth.

We have more content and concern than ever to keep fans entertained, but more recently, we’ve seen a new form of interaction emerge, which is placing fans (and their opinions) at the epicenter of the platform. Our obligations to our DIAMOND members will be to give them these services:-

News from clubs around the world, special offers and promotions from different clubs, special offer from sponsors on world tours, news behind the scene, interviews with players, coaches, and fan. messages from top footballers and coaches, statistics of football, ticketing and reservation of top football matches and interactions amongst the fans.

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