Arsenal fans rage that the Champions League is “rigged.”

After a refereeing error cost Arsenal in their Champions League loss to Bayern Munich, the Arsenal supporters became enraged.

As Bayern led 1-0 on the evening and 3-2 on aggregate in the second leg of their quarterfinal match in Germany, the Gunners were growing more and more frustrated.

And when Arsenal were denied a corner, captain Martin Odegaard became even more enraged.

Odegaard’s attempt was deflected by Eric Dier and then deflected behind by goalie Manuel Neuer.

Nevertheless, the Gunners captain was left in shock when referee Danny Makkelie signaled for a goal kick.

His hands were raised above his head as he angrily confronted the assistant referee.

Additionally, the Norwegian was heard saying, “That’s two times.”

One fan called the decision “rigged” in response.

“Neuer clearly touched the ball on Odegaard’s shot,” said an additional person. How come it’s not a corner?”

“That corner decision is worrisome, two very obvious deflections,” a third person retorted.

“Odegaard’s reaction was even that of someone who wasn’t disappointed cos he’d won a corner.”

A fourth person retorted, saying, “Bayern rigged the game.”

There isn’t any proof that the game was manipulated.

The full-time whistle blew minutes after the decision was made, eliminating Arsenal from the Champions League.

They suffered their second loss in four days after loosing to Aston Villa 2-0 at home in the Premier League on Sunday.

Now, Mikel Arteta’s men need to pick themselves up in order to travel to Wolves on Saturday night.

With six games left, Arsenal is two points behind champion Manchester City after the loss to Villa.

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