PSG’s goalkeeper has been sued by his assistant. What is the reason?

Keylor Navas, the goalkeeper for PSG, is facing legal issues because the Costa Rican player is the target of a lawsuit filed by his former assistant.

The assistant was paid €3,200 a month in cash for working 90 hours a week for Navas without a contract. In exchange, she was given the option to live in a musty, windowless basement. Furthermore, during the course of his 20-month employment, Navas neglected to register his assistant with the French social security system.

The assistant was allegedly made to carry a weapon by Navas, which the Costa Rican utilized in the courtyard of his house for amusement. When the assistant asked to have his status regularized, Navas replied, “Here we do not work under French law. We work by my rules. No French contract. I pay you in cash.”

“We are on the verge of criminal law with facts that, in my opinion, border on modern slavery. Even if you are a football star, you do not have the right to exempt yourself from all rules,” said the plaintiff’s lawyer, Me Yassine Yakouti.

Notably, the parties have decided not to extend the contract, meaning that Keylor Navas, the legendary goalkeeper for the Costa Rican national team, will leave PSG this summer as a free agent.

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