Quarterfinal of the Champions League: Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Arsenal enter the draw without any surprises.

There was an agenda on social media stating that the UEFA Champions League was no longer as popular.
And the real source of this is angry supporters who have watched their teams fail miserably.

For example, Manchester United placed last in a group that also included FC Copenhagen and Galatasaray.

Even though Copenhagen advanced to the Round of 16, Manchester City, the current champions, easily defeated them.
Bayern Munich eliminated Lazio, who was also in the first round of the knockout competition.

Ultimately, City, Bayern, Real Madrid, PSG, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, and Barcelona are the quarterfinalists.

What an excellent lineup. Blockbuster tie-ins are possible in every direction.

Every remaining team is a stand-alone European powerhouse. All of them have participated in the Champions League final.

With a record 13 victories under their belt, Madrid is considered European royalty.
The Treble-winning team of Pep Guardiola is a strong favorite to defeat everyone.

Atletico Madrid will prove to be difficult to deal with, and Arsenal appears to be a team on a mission.
Though the early stages of the Champions League may have given smaller teams an opportunity to shine, the contenders are now left to compete for the football equivalent of the holy grail.

Additionally, the draw on Friday will undoubtedly produce two or more memorable games.

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