Real Madrid may not participate in the Club World Cup. What is the reason?

Fans can anticipate a new format for the Club World Cup next summer. Real Madrid might not take part, though.

Many clubs are thinking about declining to compete because, as head coach Carlo Ancelotti disclosed in an interview with Relevo, the organizers are giving the teams very little in the way of prize money.

“FIFA forgets that clubs and players will not participate in this tournament. One game for Real costs 20 million euros, and they want to give us this money for the entire tournament. That’s a negative response. Real Madrid, like other clubs, will decline the invitation,” stated Ancelotti.

As a result, Real Madrid’s management is not very positive about the new format of the Club World Cup and may decide not to take part at all.

It is noteworthy that UEFA will award the “cream” with 20 million euros for winning the main European club tournament.

Throughout the entire tournament, Florentino Perez and the organization made over 85 million euros: 2.8 million euros were earned for each of Real Madrid’s six group stage victories; 9.6 million euros were earned for making it to the Round of 16, 10.6 million euros were earned for making it to the quarterfinals; 15.5 million euros were earned for making it to the semi-finals; and 20 million euros were earned for winning the competition.

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