There will be changes to the VAR rules next season. What is their essence?

The head of the Italian Serie A refereeing body, Gianluca Rocchi, shared that FIFA is working on a new stage of the VAR protocol. The former referee explained that when he first used this technology, he felt a weight of responsibility lifted off his shoulders.

While a vote on banning the use of VAR in the Premier League was taking place in England, only Wolverhampton expressed support for a complete abandonment of this technology. The situation is different in Italy.

There, discussions are ongoing about why VAR is not used more often and why coaches are not allowed to request VAR reviews on the field without prior acknowledgment by the referees of a “clear and obvious error.”

“Next season, the rules will be slightly changed, but it mainly concerns the interpretation of handball situations in the penalty area. We are also considering the possibility of using VAR on demand for youth teams, but this project is in its early stages and is being developed by FIFA. This does not affect professional football yet,” – Rocchi said at the Serie A Festival in Parma.

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