Arsenal supporters search Emirates Stadium for autographed pieces of art by Bukayo Saka like a treasure hunt.                   

Arsenal fans are looking everywhere for the seven custom film posters of the team’s star, Bukayo Saka, that have been hidden around Emirates Stadium and its surrounding area.

Fans had to search the Emirates Stadium for seven unique posters, each autographed by Arsenal’s standout player, Bukayo Saka. Fans of the England international, young and old, flocked to north London in search of the cool posters.

Seven autographed Saka photos were hidden around the stadium for fans to find. The club dropped subtle clues that something exciting was about to happen, and fans went on a wild goose chase, attempting to figure out where the posters might be.

Notable locations such as Finsbury Park station, Highbury Grove, and Tollington Road were also searched by treasure seekers. Following suggestions from some of the most ardent Arsenal supporters, including Frimpon, Nicole Holliday, and Chris MD, the first poster was located at 10 a.m.

The posters featuring Saka were quickly discovered by fans. This season, as Arsenal attempts to win their first Premier League championship since 2004, the 22-year-old has been a constant presence.

Happy with their discovery were Emad and Marianne Nasserian, who received one of the posters. The two are collecting football memorabilia from 22 different nations.

“It’s great to add this to my collection because Arsenal is my favorite team,” Emad stated. This will go on the wall of the room at home where we keep football mementos from various teams.”

At the moment, Manchester City is only one point behind Arsenal in the Premier League, which leads Liverpool on goal differential. With 27 appearances this season, Saka has 13 goals in the Premier League.

At this year’s European Championships, Gareth Southgate’s England team is anticipated to feature the recent youth academy graduate prominently.

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