Atletico Madrid ban several fans and an ‘Ultras’ supporters’ group

Atletico Madrid have banned several fans and an ‘Ultras’ supporters’ group following the violent clashes on Sunday that led to the death of a Deportivo La Coruna fan.

Francisco Javier Romero Taboada died after trouble erupted between rival groups in the streets surrounding the Vicente Calderon stadium ahead of Atletico Madrid’s midday Primera Division match against visiting Deportivo.

The 43-year-old died in hospital on Sunday afternoon after firefighters pulled him out of the Manzanares river near Atletico’s home ground, while 12 more people were reported injured – some including stab wounds – during the fighting which was said to have involved around 200 people.

Atletico released a statement on their official website on Tuesday afternoon confirming the club had banned the 15 supporters identified thus far, while also expelling the Frente Atletico ‘Ultras’ group.

‘Ultras’ is a European term which relates to hardcore supporters’ groups.

“The club has received an official match report from the police in which the events – and the names of the people who have been identified and/or detained by the police for participating directly or indirectly in the fight – are described,” the statement read.

“Among those identified are 15 people who claim to be supporters of Atletico Madrid.

“All the members have been expelled immediately and permanently without the possibility of ever returning in the future, while those who were not members will never be able to register as such.

“The authorities will keep the investigation open and, if they identify more club members, we will proceed with the same clarity.

“Furthermore, as the police have proved that membership of the Frente Atletico is present among those individuals identified, who participated in the incidents in an organised and planned manner, the club has decided to terminate its relationship with the Frente Atletico, with effect from today.”

The club admitted it does not hold the legal power to dissolve Frente Atletico but said stern action would be taken against any other groups displaying racist, xenophobic or political agendas.


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