The reason given by an Arsenal fan for the Emirates atmosphere makes the talkSPORT presenters laugh out loud.

With a 2-0 victory over Luton Town on Wednesday night, Arsenal moved atop the Premier League, but there was silence at the Emirates. O’Hara and Cundy criticized the home crowd while complimenting the Gunners for their excellent play. They also invited Arsenal supporters to call talkSPORT Drive on Wednesday night to provide an explanation.
After John contacted them, his strange justification had the two in fits of laughter.
John, the Arsenal supporter, stated: “I’ll make a point. Many families have left for the Easter break, and it’s a midweek game. O’Hara started laughing at this point, but Cundy stopped her and said, “John, put the phone down.”
“John, hold on! Hold on,” O’Hara spluttered between chuckles.
Have you just said that, John? Do you think I’m a nag? Since it’s a midweek game, have the families left for vacation? Are you trying to irritate me?”
“As a season ticket holder, I didn’t recognize a single person there tonight,” John defended himself.Not one of the people I usually hang out with. It seems like everyone sold their tickets to a group of tourists who were content to sit there and smile and applaud.”



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