Chelsea’s new manager spoke about his first week at the club and the pressure he is facing

Enzo Maresca, an Italian specialist, has taken over as Chelsea’s manager. He talked about his experiences from the first at the club and the pressure he is under on Monday, July 8.

Maresca claims that a lot of work has been done, which is totally understandable in the beginning. He has been interacting with players who are currently available as well as people at the training base. He did, however, characterize feelings as amazing. Regarding the pressure, Maresca said that the pressure is typical for a team like Chelsea.

This is important because it makes it clear right away that you have to win if you join a club like Chelsea. We will exert every effort to win, to challenge, and to contend with clubs that strive for championships,” Maresca said.

Additionally, he underlined how crucial it is to have faith in the work, the team, and the process. It won’t be simple, as in any club or for any manager. He is certain, though, that this work will provide a great deal of satisfaction.

Notably, Chelsea’s approach to squad composition has changed with the hiring of Enzo Maresca as head coach, which could have an impact on the team’s current players.

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