Fan Club Spotlight: Curva Dc

In the first Roma Fan Club Spotlight, we speak to Marco Ciarla and Tad Burns, president and vice president of Curva DC, about how the club was formed, football culture in Washington D.C and a match day in the life of a Curva DC member…

When was Curva DC formed and what was the idea behind setting up the club?

Tad Burns: “We formed in 2014 after a very auspicious turn of events. Marco [Ciarla] had created a club with a Facebook page, and started posting pictures of him watching games with his brother, father, and other friends. I had just moved to DC after 8 years in Rome as a tour guide, and was desperate to find other Roma fans to watch the games with. After watching the derby at 6am at a pub with only one other person, a Lazio fan, I found the Facebook page and we decided to properly launch the club.

“We found a pub, Ireland’s Four Courts, that has been very supportive in growing our numbers and being a welcoming place that will always show the games in a reserved area. The idea was to have a place for people who have been fans of the team since birth all the way to someone watching their first Serie A game. Ireland’s Four Courts is a place where ALL Roma fans can feel welcome.”


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