Review: Croatia vs Italy 

Croatia and Italy will play each other in the third round of the Euro 2024 group stage today, June 24.


Two games’ results show that the Croats only managed one point, demonstrating their glaring lack of luck. Even though the score wasn’t displayed on the screen, they clearly focused on just one goal in the first game against Spain, and the opposition was able to see nearly everything they were able to create.

After the match against the Albanians, there was an unpleasant aftertaste. We missed the first goal but made up for it in the second half, scoring two goals in two minutes, but we missed at 90+5 minutes, and the final score was 2:2.The team is now in a tight spot and needs to win the final round.


Even though “Scuadra Adzura” is the current European Champion, they still don’t appear to be at their best in this competition. They narrowly defeated the Albanians 2:1 in the opening round, though they had a chance to win.

More questions were raised by the second game, in which Spain dominated and the Italians produced no offensive play. To be honest, they were lucky to lose by just 0–1, as Donnarumma played a fantastic job in goal and they could have scored at least three goals. The Italian goalie in the aforementioned encounter made seven saves. Although the holding game can be risky, the team is currently second in the group and a draw ensures a spot in the second line.

Interesting Match Details and Head-To-Head Facts

• The teams faced off eight times; the Italians had never before won five draws and three losses, and there had been as many as four 1:1 games between them.

• There have been more than 2.5 goals totaled in Croatia’s last five matches.

• Of the eight meetings, the Italians have only lost one.

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