The number of points that is required for Arsenal to win the Premier League has been determined by Arteta

The last two seasons, Arsenal imposed Manchester City in the race for Premier League gold, but in the end, the trophy remained in Manchester, and the Gunners had to settle for second place. Despite these failures, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is not discouraged.

He has revealed how many points he needs (or at least what his target is) to win the Premier League:

“114 points [the maximum points you can score] and then you start from there. You know the margins are very, very small and narrow and the competition is going to be even tougher than the previous season.

You go game by game, earn the right to win every game – that’s all we can think about – and try to improve our players. And make them believe that they can do it because now they are good enough to do it,” Arteta said in a conversation with ESPN.

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