Leicester will not forfeit Championship points due to Premier League rule infractions.

Leicester will not forfeit Championship points due to Premier League rule infractions. The English Football League (EFL) announced on Friday that Leicester City will not lose any points in the Championship if they are found guilty of any infractions related to the Premier League’s spending regulations.The Premier League referred Leicester, who were demoted from the top division the previous season, to an independent commission last month due to suspected infractions of the league’s spending regulations.Leicester objected to the move, but the Championship’s governing body, the EFL, wrote to the Premier League threatening to apply any sanctions imposed on them while they are still in the second division. In a letter to the League Arbitration Panel (LAP) of the English FA, the EFL claimed to have subsequently modified their stance.
The EFL released a statement saying, “EFL has confirmed to all parties that… it does not have the power under the Regulations as currently drafted.”
Regarding the accusations made against them, Leicester stated that they will keep assisting the Premier League and the EFL.
“Any charges against the Club should be properly and proportionately determined, in accordance with the applicable rules, by the right bodies, and at the right time,” Leicester City said.
Because any potential point deductions aren’t applicable this season, the Premier League Disciplinary Commission’s proceedings against Leicester, according to the LAP, won’t be accelerated to end by May 4.

With 88 points from 41 games, Leicester leads the Championship standings and is vying for a return to the Premier League.

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