Fans Elect A Representation Committee

We hereby call on all Bayer 04 Leverkusen supporters to elect a fan representation committee.

As last season showed, things not only went badly on the pitch but there was also a lot happening off it. You are no doubt aware the interaction between the club and fans was troubled at times. That led to the Ultras staying away from games up to the end of the season. With all the associated difficulties, the active fan movement in Leverkusen has still managed to come closer together. But in several meetings with over 100 participants at times it also became clear that there is a need to improve the representation fans interests in relation to the club.

In order the get a grip of this on behalf of the fans but also in relation to our club, we want to start a new fan representation committee for the new season. The new ‘Kurvenrat’ committee will be elected by the fans and all act in a genuine, transparent and independent way. This body will represent the interests and rights of all fans. In addition to the existing platforms of NK12, the fan clubs and fan club meetings, the ‘Kurvenrat’ the primary committee for all fans. On the one hand, as a contact point for and representation of the interests the fans but also as a contact for Bayer 04. The ‘Kurvenrat’ will act independently of the structures of the club so that the committee can be persistent and defiant as and when necessary. Fans are an important part of every club and that’s how we want to be seen and appreciated. In our little Leverkusen that was and always will be important.

Whether you are old school, normal, an ultra, a monk, in the stands on the terraces – wherever you are: We are ALL the fans. So get involved in the election of the ‘Kurvenrat’ as it’s all about you at the end of the day.


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