Real Madrid superstar is put on a special watchlist by La Liga referees.

After only eight months of service at Real Madrid, Jude Bellingham has already made a huge impact. The English wizard is amassing goals and assists like crazy and has developed into one of the team’s most innovative players in the finals third.
His constant arguments with the referees are the only drawback to his game, despite his undeniable skill and performance on the field.
Most recently, Bellingham was sent off for disobedience after the final whistle during Real Madrid’s match against Valencia.

On the radar of the referees.

The referee problem in Bellingham has gotten worse. The referees in Spain are actually not at all shocked by his dismissal against Valencia.
The Real Madrid player is perceived by La Liga referees as a player who opposes peace in the on-field proceedings.
In addition, they think it is disrespectful and unprovoked the way he speaks to the match officials.
Bellingham is therefore under special watch from the referees as a player to be closely monitored, much like Neymar was a few years ago. That obviously doesn’t help the player or the team’s cause.

The first of numerous ones?

Bellingham received his first red card as a Real Madrid player against Valencia. In fact, during his entire final season with Borussia Dortmund, the young player did not experience the most severe kind of expulsion.
However, according to the most recent report, Bellingham has been on the verge of receiving multiple suspensions this season, and his red card in the most recent league game was simply the result of long-term tension building.
The player is currently suspended for two league games, and it is unclear if Real Madrid’s anticipated appeal will have any effect. Either way, the young player needs to adjust his mindset on the field immediately.

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