The crazy new story that Chelsea is selling a player is something that Chelsea fans will be hoping isn’t true.

Late on Saturday night, a brand-new Chelsea story surfaced, which Blues supporters will be crossing their fingers is just wild speculation.

Not only did their team fail to defeat Burnley at home with ten men, but they also lost two chances to win the game after taking the lead. It was already a terrible situation for them to have to put up with this behavior.

Subsequently, they were required to peruse a concerning article regarding the team’s intention to offload their idol, who presently holds the position of captain.

According to The Times, Chelsea intends to sell Reece James this summer.

I find the story erroneous due to its timing and extreme nature. However, it is impossible to completely rule out Chelsea selling him in the near future. However, they will face the full fury of an already enraged fan base if they do.

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