Pedri predicts which teams will advance to the Champions League final match.                

The midfielder for Barcelona, Pedri, has been speculating about the Champions League and projecting who he believes will advance to the championship match.

The Catalan powerhouses are getting ready to play Paris Saint-Germain in the quarterfinals. The victor will then play either Atletico Madrid or Borussia Dortmund in the final.

Naturally, Pedri anticipates that his team will make it all the way and play one of two teams in the championship game at Wembley in June.

“What game do I think will win the UCL championship? Barcelona-City. On The Residency, he stated, “But Barça-Madrid won’t be awful either.
“We are Barcelona. Although it’s quite difficult, we can definitely prevail. I see a lot of confidence and desire in the Barcelona youth players in the Champions League.

Now that Pedri has been injured again, the main concern is whether he will be able to participate in either of the two games against PSG.

What he said is as follows.
“I don’t have a set date to return, but things are going great for the time being,” he continued.
“I intend to come back shortly. Actually, I have excellent mental health. I’m just thinking about returning and enjoying myself now that my recuperation is going so well.

Pedri was spotted returning to Barcelona’s training ground, but it’s still unclear when he’ll be ready to play for the first team again.

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